Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paris... Dinner for Two... Wait.. What?

A dinner to remember for sure. Relais de l'Entrecote. We had been walking up and down the streets of Paris for awhile trying to decide where to eat, not wanting to waste a precious meal in Paris on a restaurant that was not worth our Euros. This restaurant had a line of people waiting to get inside... so we joined in assuming it must be worth the wait. Seated at our table we were surprised to find no menus. Here the waitress asks you one question, "Quelle cuisson?" (How do you want it cooked?) Service was table-side, and they heaped our plates with fries and slivers of sirloin steak covered in a rich green sauce. Delicious! Some of the best steak I can remember eating. 

Such a charming atmosphere! Everyone being served family style... plates overflowing with steak and fries. It felt like you were in a Parisian grandma's kitchen. Once we scarfed our plates down, the waitress came back asking us if we wanted more... so she heaped our plates full again. Who could resist? Accompanied with a bottle of wine, watching the Paris night life stroll past, we were in heaven.

Then the dinner check came. What we had assumed was a family style feast was indeed being tallied on our bill as 4 meals... that's right, we were those tourists... and I'm sure the subject of a great deal of laughter in the kitchen that night. We paid our bill and sauntered back to the hotel feeling quite fat and foolish having eaten for four. 

So although we highly recommend this restaurant. Be prepared to stand in line (as there are no bookings), and don't be fooled by the friendly face offering you seconds... unless of course you want to pay for it. 

Address: 20 rue Saint-Benoit, 75006 Paris. Tel: 01 45 49 16 00

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  1. hee hee love this story! Glad you recorded it and keep others from making the same mistake ;)