Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're off to Scotland!

Welcome to our blog! We hope to chronicle our three years in Scotland in a way that will keep you up to date with what God is doing in our lives and share our needs for your prayer. Our journey starts September 20th when we will fly to Aberdeen to start our new adventure. Jordan will begin his doctoral studies October 1st with Dr. John Webster.

During his program at the University of Aberdeen, Jordan will spend most of his time researching and writing his dissertation. Unlike American doctoral programs, Jordan will jump directly into his dissertation without further coursework. He will have regular meetings with his supervisor to discuss his progress as well as bi-weekly research seminars with the other doctoral candidates in Systematic Theology. Jordan's current research interest is in the area of ecclesiology (the study of the Church).

To learn more about the Divinity department at Aberdeen, you can click HERE, or you can visit his supervisor's page HERE.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray that Jordan's studies will prepare him for fruitful work in God’s kingdom and that his heart would be encouraged and challenged through God's Word.

2. Pray that we will find affordable housing close to the campus as we will not have a car there.

3. Pray that we will find a church home with strong community.

4. Please pray that Krisi's current employer will allow her to keep working from Scotland.

5. Please pray that God will provide for our tuition costs of $17,000 per year (for more info regarding our financial support see the link to the right).