Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's Better than Bacon? Duck Fat.

Our tiny gallery kitchen may be impressively small, but recently it punched out huge flavor with Jamie Oliver's Warm Crispy Duck Salad. Cooking duck is a double bonus. In the first meal, you enjoy a tender juicy meat that has roasted in its own luscious fat for hours. But a second meal will undoubtably benefit from the extra drippings you must save as if they were liquid gold (in this case I used the left-over duck fat to roast sweet potatoes another day - that is a winner!)

This particular recipe I am adding to the must repeat pile, and here is why...

It's a salad, so it is crisp and light. But the warm duck on top brings it to another level, satisfying you as a hearty meal. The asian five-spice on the duck pairs wonderfully with the orange dressing and dried cherries. And to top it all off, sourdough bread is soaked in the duck's fat before toasting in the oven. The rich crispy bread served alongside a pile of tender meat drizzled with a light citrus dressing is just a perfect combination.

Recipe from "Jamie's Great Britain" cookbook.