Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Hilleberts Hit the Highlands

Hotels have been my existence for the last few weeks while going through job training for DFS. While it has been less than ideal to live out of suitcases while eating bad hotel food far away from Jordan, it was a wonderful excuse for Jordan to come join me for a few days and explore the city of Inverness -- the capital of the highlands. This city has been beautiful and a much needed escape from the granite walls of Aberdeen.

A large river runs straight through the city. We deeply enjoyed walking up and down the riverside soaking up the beauty and fresh air. We passed many people walking their dogs which made me really miss Leia... she would have loved it. 

On Sunday we were able to visit a beautiful Scottish Episcopal church (pictured below). It is heartbreaking to see so many beautiful cathedrals in Scotland with so few parishioners. Congregations are very small here (for example, the church we attend in Aberdeen has probably 30 people on an average Sunday), and that is quite normal in the UK. 

The Cathedral Church of St. Andrew

It was quite interesting to see that once you get this north in Scotland, you start to see Gaelic on all the signs.

One of the treasures we found in the city was a used bookshop called Leaky's. It was Jordan and Krisi heaven. Jordan actually went back later without me and bought me an original copy of a book that C.S. Lewis wrote on 16th century literature. It is hard to find C.S. Lewis's literary criticism now a-days. What a treat!

Last but not least, we were able to take a tour of Loch Ness (monster pictured below). The ruins of Urquhart castle lie on its shore.


Urquhart Castle