Sunday, February 12, 2012

With Thanksgiving

It has been three months since our last update, and I feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of recapping three months of life in one post... So I won't. However, the last few days, I have felt compelled to make thankfulness a priority in my spiritual life. Being thankful is not my natural attitude; in fact, I am quite horrible at it. God has been subtly yet consistently pointing this out to me through different means, most obviously through a recent immersion in the Psalms (which always tend to show me my own lack of thanksgiving) and Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. In truth, there are many things in my life that should turn my heart towards God with thanksgiving, but I most often choose to think about what disappoints me in life. I am praying that God will start to change me and fill me with His joy that rises above all circumstances. So as I start to learn how to focus on God's blessings, I hope to keep note of some of those observations here...

We have now been in Scotland almost five months, and as the cold and dark have crept upon us, we have found our new friendships to be growing warmer and brighter. Moreover, we have been continually encouraged and blessed by our church, St. John's. A long three year exploration and journey into the Anglican Church culminated this morning as Jordan and I participated in Confirmation. It was with great joy that we stood beside friends and reaffirmed our faith and baptism. We have taken seriously the decision to join the Anglican Church as we feel that God has drawn us down this road. Our relationship with Christ has been deeply enriched through the ministry of the Anglican Church during this season of academic study for Jordan. For all these things I am truly thankful.

May God bring to my mind His blessings at all times!