Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hope of Spring...

It is almost March, but when you live on the coast of the North Sea, Spring still feels a long way off. It was only three days ago that we had fresh snow fall. But hope of Spring has appeared. I have found my back garden full of budding purple flowers. I have always considered myself a "winter" person. I prefer cold over hot. I like sweaters and sweatshirts and warm socks. Winter makes me enjoy a mug of hot coffee just as much for warming my hands as for drinking it. My home becomes all the more homier for the warmth it provides from the impending cold. But in the Granite City, winter looms large, long, and dark, and tests the resolve of even the wintriest of persons. And perhaps what is missed most of all in these long months is color. So even though they are small, I recognize God's little gift of color to me -- and how kind that the first gifts of Spring arrived in my favorite color.

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