Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Celebrate with Food

Jordan and I were talking about love languages yesterday, and I laughed at myself, because I think mine is food. My favorite memories with Jordan usually include either eating at great restaurants or cooking together in our own kitchen. Most anniversaries and birthdays are always centered around deciding which way to celebrate... Well turning 29 was no exception, and the food did not disappoint.

After Jordan fed me French Toast in bed (which we recently learned the key to French Toast is soaking the bread in the egg mixture overnight - genius!), we went to explore the farmers market that comes once a month to St Andrews. Here we grabbed local smoked trout and a bottle of local Elderflower wine (from Cairn O' Mohr winery). Add some cheese and bread and you have yourself a delicious lunch. The smoked trout was surprisingly good. The fish absorbed that smoky flavor completely. And with no fancy equipment, the fish was smoked in barrels and served hot to our hands.

After lunch, we walked along the sea in hopes of capturing our beautiful scenery while we still have daylight and warmth (winter is fast approaching). You can't deny that St Andrews is beautiful!

And then the grand finale of the day - Rocca Grill. When I left my job in Aberdeen, my co-workers gave me a gift card to this highly acclaimed restaurant which we've been anticipating for weeks. So we got all dressed up for what will most likely be our best meal while living in St Andrews (since as poor postgrad students, we can't ever go to a restaurant this nice without a gift card). THANK YOU to DFS!

Jordan's gonna kill me for this picture!

Now, as much as I wish that I had pictures of the gorgeous food we ate, we were too embarrassed to whip out our camera at dinner. The food was absolutely amazing and stunning (and every positive word that I could think to say about it), and as we made our way through the risottos and braised meats and lobster and salmon ravioli, we decided that Jordan's Goosnargh Farm Duck with Foi Gras, Peach, and Mead was the best plate of food we have ever eaten anywhere.  It's ruined all other duck forever I'm sure. 

Fat and happy, we went back home and watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. The perfect ending to a Krisi day. 


  1. Sounds all wonderful! Love your preface about food being your love language. :) But I want to hear more about this soaking the bread in eggs OVER NIGHT! What? Yes! Any tips on how you did that? I would assume it was in the fridge... anything else in the egg mixture?

    1. Jordan is the one who actually read about it and made it. I'll have to find out exactly what he put in it and let you know. :)

  2. So glad you took a picture of that fish, bread, and cheese on a BOARD with the wine all around, it's my idea of a perfect lunch!! My daughter Jessie said I'd probably relate to your love language, and I DO. Thanks for a fun post! (your shots of St. Andrews are lovely - we just left there last week)

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I'm so glad you were able to come visit and see it in person. Such a lovely town! But I'm sure the highlight was seeing your little grandson. :)