Saturday, September 24, 2011

Greetings from Scotland!

King's College Chapel: Home of the Divinity Department
We made it! We arrived in Scotland on Wednesday and have found it is quite a whirlwind to set up life in another country. We are currently staying with some friends (Randy and Katie) while we try to find a flat, so life is being lived amongst suitcases and unpacked boxes, but we are so grateful to be here. The most fun has been soaking up the heavy local accents, walking through the old cobblestone streets of Aberdeen, and enjoying the perfect 50-60 degree weather. 

Jordan had his first meeting with his supervisor, John Webster, and is already buried in books - his happiest place! I am continuing to search for a job, but I have been encouraged by the locals who say that Aberdeen has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole UK (somewhere around 3%). Nonetheless, we are a bit anxious without a source of income right now.

So while we try to figure out that we are standing in a "que" and not a "line," that we are getting on a "lift" and not an "elevator," meanwhile trying not to get hit by all of the cars driving on the left instead of the right, we are trying to enjoy these early moments and trust God. It is such a joy to see Jordan so excited to start his research!

Thank you for your prayers regarding our travels, and we ask for your continued prayers to cover us.

New King's

College Bounds: Main street through campus

Where the River Don meets the North Sea


  1. One other word to look out for: "pants". Be sure to use the word "trousers" or people will think you're talking about underwear. Little helpful tip I've picked up from Luke.

  2. Outrageous! We're so happy for you two. What a cool start to your "cross-the-pond" adventure. Know that we are doing GRE flashcards--and every time we start, we think of you two.

    Praying for you,